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  • This morning at about 7:20am, I had the misfortune of having a blowout heading south on the Northway at mile marker 15.1 right before Exit 9. Of course, never having had a flat on my Chevy Malibu, I was very distressed to find out that the lug wrench supplied with the car was totally useless trying to remove tires that were put on with an impact wrench at the dealership. After a while, the New York State Police showed up and contacted the “HELP” truck and in a short time Lou, your driver, showed up and in no time at all, he had the bad tire removed, the spare put on and me back on my way to work (after stopping by the dealership for a friendly chat). I wanted to let you know that Lou was courteous, friendly and proficient and I thank both him and your organization for your assistance.

    - Bob V. Pelt, NY
    Assisted by Lou, NYSDOT H.E.L.P. - Albany on April 24th
  • Gerald saw me on the side of the road and pulled up behind me. He was extremely courteous and knowledgeable in his service. He first asked me to move my car on the pavement where he could remove the flat tire, as my car was on the grass. He removed the tire and replaced it with the spare. He was an absolute angel with a kind heart and personality. I was on my way in 20 minutes. I am truly grateful to Gerald, who made me at ease during a difficult situation. Thank you Gerald!

    - Melissa, NY
    Assisted by Gerald Gammone, NYSDOT H.E.L.P. - Lower Hudson Valley on April 23rd
  • he helped me fix a flat, however, this is the 2nd time my family has received assistance from the NJ DOT SSP.... the first time was with my wife who had my 2 daughters with her and they needed assistance and when the NJ DOT SSP came to their assistance it was a relief for my wife and it eased the mind of our daughters... if it wasn't for NJ DOT SSP my wife would have had to wait in the cold for AAA to arrive and 2 girls crying out of being fearful... THANK YOU SO MUCH for your service

    - Henry, NJ
    Assisted by Dennis, Safety Service Patrol - Southern New Jersey on April 22nd
  • I explained my car overheated he told me to stay in the car for my safety, there was heavy traffic. He removed my radiator cap and put 2 gal of 50/50 antifreeze mix in and checked for leaks. He asked how long I was there and apologized for not being there sooner and explained the area he covered, I offered him a tip and he gave me this card that you can check your tread wear with, it just happens to also be an online survey card, he told me to fill out the survey online and that would be thanks enough and refused the tip. The man's name was Lou and he was very personable as well as professional. Thank you for having this service it saved me at least $150. Because I believe that is the going rate for a tow off the Northway Rt 87.

    - arthur p. jr, NY
    Assisted by lou, NYSDOT H.E.L.P. - Albany on April 21st
  • George showed up in under 10 minutes of me calling AAA and the PA Turnpike Authority for assistance. He was the consummate professional. He pulled his truck behind me and the service truck and myself we were well protected. By positioning himself in a manner that made sure traffic stayed away from us while the tire was being changed, we felt safe the entire time.

    - C. Yaz, PA
    Assisted by G. Davis, State Farm Safety Patrol - near Philadelphia on April 22nd
  • The HELP driver had a real jack instead of the flimsy OEM jack in my truck, and my spare tire had low air pressure so he used a compressor to bring it up to a safe level. I also got some tips on where to go mountain biking from him. I was very thankful for his help.

    - Jim, NY
    Assisted by Lou, NYSDOT H.E.L.P. - Albany on April 22nd
  • He arrived promptly and was very courteous. He changed my flat tire expeditiously and within minutes I was on my way. Thanks Glenn/State Farm.

    - Sophia, NY
    Assisted by Glenn VanDunk Jr., NYSDOT H.E.L.P. - Lower Hudson Valley on April 22nd
  • I was stuck on the Interstate waiting for my fiance's friend to get out of work to come help me. I was late getting my infant son from daycare and it was raining to boot. All of a sudden Dave came out of nowhere and told me that it's free to have him put the spare on my car and that it's all he does all day! He had me stay in the car (safe and dry) while he quickly changed the tire. He was efficient and courteous and very helpful. Thanks Dave!

    - Ariana, NY
    Assisted by Dave #103, NYSDOT H.E.L.P. - Rochester on April 15th
  • I ran over a large "L" shaped piece of metal that was unavoidable on Rt 80E. I instantly heard a loud crush and boom knowing my tire was sliced if not more damaged. There were limited shoulder sites due to construction except for one small section. I pulled over and stepped out onto the only grassy section and within about 8 minutes saw the DOT truck approach. I approached the truck and met Frank Farmer. He had stopped to assist on the way to another accident. He said, "You're in a dangerous spot; I'm calling another truck to the accident." Frank changed the tire to the spare, showed me how to use the safety kits in my car if I ever needed them again. He was calm, knew exactly what to do and was extremely efficient. I felt lucky to have met him in what was at first a fearful situation.

    - Dana L., NJ
    Assisted by Frank Farmer, Safety Service Patrol - Northern New Jersey on April 15th
  • I blew a tire on the highway going home. I called AAA and they told me it would be 40 minutes. Five minutes later the HELP truck came up behind me, I did not have to wait. The driver was kind, courteous and got me on my way.

    - Catherine R., NY
    Assisted by Heriberto Talavera, NYSDOT H.E.L.P. - Lower Hudson Valley on April 21st
  • He happened to be on the entrance ramp when I drove over something. He knew I blew a tire out and I was a half mile down and within minutes he was there to help. Thank you Rafael truck 3A

    - Erich, NY
    Assisted by Rafael, NYSDOT H.E.L.P. - Lower Hudson Valley on April 21st
  • He pulled to the side of the road and immediately began to help me. In a matter of minutes he had my tire changed and I was on my way. He was extremely professional and courteous.

    - Rachel, NY
    Assisted by Al Mathias, NYSDOT H.E.L.P. - Lower Hudson Valley on April 8th
  • He stayed with me for a period of time before the tow truck came. I did not have a spare so he could not help me with the flat. He was very courteous.

    - Debra, NY
    Assisted by Heriberto Talavera, NYSDOT H.E.L.P. - Lower Hudson Valley on April 17th
  • Driver was outstanding. In my opinion went above and beyond in helping me get a rent a car and tow. Sharpe is a good man and I hope you value him as an employee. I run a small company myself and could only hope my people would all supply customer service like Sharpe.

    - John I., PA
    Assisted by Sharpe, State Farm Safety Patrol - near Harrisburg on April 4th
  • He pulled over without me flagging him down and had my tire changed in no time and had me heading back home to my pregnant wife. He was very helpful and could not thank him enough

    - Nicholas L. , NY
    Assisted by Phillip headley, NYSDOT H.E.L.P. - Lower Hudson Valley on April 11st
  • I had a flat tire on the northbound side of the 684. The driver spotted me and changed my tire in minutes. Claudio was the driver and was extremely professional and friendly.

    - mary, NY
    Assisted by claudio, NYSDOT H.E.L.P. - Lower Hudson Valley on April 18th
  • After having been on the Turnpike for a couple of hours, my car ended up breaking down completely and I had to pull off to the side of the road. I called AAA and within minutes, Andy arrived. It was pouring rain and I was drenched and very worried. Andy immediately explained a tow truck was on its way and then proceeded to tell me the various options I had and everything he would do to help me. I was amazed and so thankful! My car was towed and Andy drove me to a local restaurant to wait for a friend to pick me up. He was so kind and helpful - I cannot imagine what I would have done without him! I an so grateful to him. Thank you, Andy!!!

    - Brenda H.. NY, PA
    Assisted by Andy Swoyer/Wyo100, State Farm Safety Patrol - near Wilkes-Barre/Scranton on April 11st
  • I blew out my right front tire just before the Twin Bridges, heading south into Albany, during the rush hour. I had no cell phone, no AAA, no money. Lou came along, told me to stay in the car and keep my seatbelt on. He said he'd help out, and he put the car's spare tire doughnut on and got me back on the road. This was a true blessing and Lou was/is nothing less than outstanding.

    - Don D., NY
    Assisted by Lou, NYSDOT H.E.L.P. - Albany on April 16th
  • After having a very severe tire blow-out in the pouring rain on Interstate 684, I pulled over to an extremely narrow shoulder and began calling my insurance carrier to get help. While I was in the midst of trying to explain where I was on the highway, Joe Cucia in truck #43 from HELP, pulled up behind me with flashing lights on his truck. He was very comforting and told me to stay in the car with the seatbelt on and he would change the tire. He did so very quickly and within 10 minutes after he arrived I was on my way. Thank you Joe!

    - Wini F., NY
    Assisted by Joe Cuccia, NYSDOT H.E.L.P. - Lower Hudson Valley on April 15th
  • After getting a flat on Rt 80 I was waiting for AAA to come help me, when a DOT truck pulled up. I had been waiting for AAA for over 40 mins and getting anxious. Bud came over introduced himself, calmed me down and helped me get back on my way. I was so grateful. It was raining and very early in the morning and I cannot tell you how wonderful Bud was and how great this service is to motorists.THANK YOU!!!!

    - Theresa T., NJ
    Assisted by Bud, Safety Service Patrol - Northern New Jersey on April 15th
  • Paula was just great. It was pouring rain, and she changed my flat tire in about three minutes. The New York State Trooper was great too! I can not say enough good things about Paula and her expertise. Thank You to Paula for helping me on this bad weather day!

    - Julia G., NY
    Assisted by Paula Rodriquez, NYSDOT H.E.L.P. - Albany on April 15th
  • George Davis was extremely helpful, he pulled up behind me to find out what was going on. I was overheating, waiting for family to arrive. I was 5 miles from the King of Prussia PA Turnpike rest area. He sat behind me for almost an hr then came to my car asking if I had water, I had a bottle and a half he then put it in my radiator asked me to look in trunk for more, I found a quarter of a jug of antifreeze he put that in too. My car car started. He told me to go straight to to the rest area while he followed me. He did everything he could do to help. My car was leaking antifreeze. I waited for my boyfriend who was an hr & a half away. He came and fixed the problem. George showed up again saying he wanted to see if I got out safe and was surprised we were still there. I am extremely grateful to have someone show up in such a horrible situation from the beginning. I was extremely grateful.

    - Michelle C. , PA
    Assisted by George Davis, State Farm Safety Patrol - near Allentown on April 12nd
  • Helped me change my right rear tire, but I was in the process already when he arrived. He was still very courteous and professional.

    - Mark F., NJ
    Assisted by Stephen Bonamassa, Safety Service Patrol - Southern New Jersey on April 14th
  • Claudio (HELP Patrol Driver) from the I-684 NY highway saw me, my daughter and my husband. We were waiting for help from our Insurance provider. However, we had been waiting for 30 minutes at least. Claudio stayed with us until the tow truck arrived. He ensured that I was in safe hands so my husband (on another car), could drive my daughter off to school, while I waited for the help to come in. Claudio also assisted my husband to get back onto the highway safely. Claudio was very courteous and polite, besides making me feel safe. I thank him for staying with me until I got help.

    - Sherill, NY
    Assisted by Claudio, NYSDOT H.E.L.P. - Lower Hudson Valley on March 31st
  • motorcycle had a flat gave a plug for me to put on and blew up the tire saved me from taking the day off from work and a lot of headaches of getting it fixed. I think this is great service that you provide. Thanks so much for this service

    - chuck h., NY
    Assisted by Paula Rodrigucz, NYSDOT H.E.L.P. - Albany on April 14th
  • He changed the flat tire. He was courteous and a gentleman. He gave EXCELLENT service. I was so glad to see him. He explained about the service in case I get stuck in the future.

    - Roger L.. Klein, NY
    Assisted by Alldean Nicholson, NYSDOT H.E.L.P. - Lower Hudson Valley on April 14th
  • Got a flat on 295N passenger with serious med condition checked my spare had less than 20 lb. decided to call and wait for service, but when I looked in my rear view Bill B. was there to my relief. Waiting would have been tough on my passenger. Bill inflated my spare and changed it and we were on our way feeling very fortunate for meeting Bill. Thanks.

    - Steve G., NJ
    Assisted by Bill B., Safety Service Patrol - Southern New Jersey on April 5th
  • Driving along 295N, next thing I know... I have a flat tire. Within a few minutes of cleaning out my trunk to get the spare - Bill B. pulls up and asks if everything is okay and what I needed help with. He took care of changing my tire and within 15 minutes I was back on the road. He was fantastic and a great guy - changed my tire within a few minutes. I can't tell you how relieved I was. It was as if having a flat tire on a highway was no big deal. THANK YOU!!

    - Keri, NJ
    Assisted by Bill B, Safety Service Patrol - Southern New Jersey on April 12nd
  • Joe Labella was an awesome patrol driver, made my first experience on getting a flat on the Northern State Pkwy like it was no big deal. Had all the right equipment, had me up and going on the highway in 15 minutes. Great and very helpful. Rate that patrol man a five star *****

    - Frank.. RAM 1. PICK- UP, NY
    Assisted by Joe Labella, NYSDOT H.E.L.P. - Long Island on April 10th
  • Helped change tire. I asked him where his halo was after he quickly and efficiently changed my tire. A big surprise. A great service. Thank you!

    - Ross W., NJ
    Assisted by Dennis A, Safety Service Patrol - Southern New Jersey on April 7th
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